Headline... bababababababa batman.

DurRang durRang durrang.


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Clarke, the greatest mystery of all, chess, big blue, the biggest cover up of all time, the web, the world wide web, cybernetics, cyberspace, global domination, shahrazad, 101, —…—, Odysseus, the minotaur, minotaurus Nusnus, the labyrinth, labyrinths, the hive mind, blessed by bees, the Sun, the firstborn son, the son, the father, the mother, the daughter, the brother, the sister, CIA, FBI, S√ĄPA, mindcontrol, dirty bomb, the atom bomb, planet, planets, moons, the number of the beast, 666, number 666, number 13, the lucky number 13, Hitler, Gestapo, Kgb, in the beginning was the word, there was light and he saw that it was good, god, gods, Oden, Odin, Loke, Loki, 1976, the year of the dragon, 1999, 2000, 2001, 911, 9/11, nine eleven, a space odyssey, name, names, the unmentionable one, all the names, catharsis, hybris, icarus wings, megalomania, Hugin and Mumin, Plato, Socrates, key, keys, right and wrong, equality, justice, eternal, the eternal flame, the word, resurrection, day 3, day three, 3, the magic number, number 3, three, third, Christ, antichrist, catastrophe, apocalypse, disaster, nuclear war, nuclear winter, global warming, politics, politicians, political, saying, sayings, words of wisdom, wisdom, an eye for an eye, peace on earth, world peace, inri, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, doomsday, poppy, doom, d-day, doomed, good versus evil, the eternal struggle, passion, good and evil, the sky is the limit, reach for the stars, the secret of secrets, the end of the rainbow, let the sun shine in, the x coming, lord of lords, king of kings, the lion, art about art, meta art, the light, darkness, limbo, hell, the sulfurus pits, lord of darkness, prince of darkness, Malcolm X, the lindbergh baby, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr, underground, secret, secrets, Charles Manson, the black hand, illuminati, first world war, second world war, third world war, new world order, new order, the way, nirvana, heaven, salvation, the pyramids, conspiracy, 666, belsebub, the devil, the second coming, Jesus, Andy Kaufman, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Marcel Duchamp the beast, leviathan, buddha, religion, mysteries, mystery, mysticism, symbols, symbol, the sign, omen, riddles, riddle, symbolism, mandala, Joan D’arc, witch, witches, sorcerer, sorcerers, magician, magicians, preist, the pope, art, artist, arty, a.k.a, also known as, myth, mythology, modern mythology, Nusnus, Nusnus timewalker, legend, legends, modern legend.

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